The video games advertising expenditure is small compared to consumer expenditure, but it is growing, thus providing opportunities in this segment.Traditional gaming has historically dominated consumer spend on video games. However, there has been a growth in consumer spending in the digital and mobile games segments, which is expected to drive growth for the Video Games market. Tastes for games in India are similar to much of the rest of the world.


Lymphate bring a wide variety of recreational destinations to their fullest potential, providing guests with world-class casino, spa, dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. We understand the challenges our clients face in assembling land, working with local zoning and licensing boards, gaining permits and approvals, and creating a project that is financially viable. From conception through delivery, our specialists help our clients navigate the complexities of a project while taking into account cultural settings, environmental issues and creative mitigation measures that are critical to achieving crucial project milestones as well as long-term sustainability.

Growth in international animation films, especially 3D productions and the subsequent impetus for Indian production houses will further help growth in this segment.Growth in market has been hampered by piracy, which is a widespread problem in the Indian PC games market. It remains a concern for PC game retailers, despite efforts from the government to address the issue.













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