Lymphate’ s airports and aviation practice offers a broad range of consulting and project management services relating to planning, engineering design, construction, airport and air carrier operations, airport and airline safety and environmental management, and program support services such as Performance Based Navigation (PBN).

We understand the aviation industry. This enables us to ensure that aviation projects are delivered to the highest standards of quality and safety while managing the critical risks of aviation investment. 

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and information technology services for aviation clients, We understands the safety expectations of government and the traveling public. Tetra Tech provides in-depth aerospace advisory services to regulators, air carriers, and the government and defense sectors with unparalleled, internationally-recognized industry expertise using cross-functional teams focused on the client’s needs.

Our team of planners, engineers, aviation specialists, technologists, and support staff come from a broad range of backgrounds in the aviation and transportation industry. Our clients recognize our ability to provide sound program management, excellent service, and innovative solutions.Our employees have participated in and successfully completed hundreds of assignments for airlines, government agencies, airports, and navigational facilities throughout North America and the international marketplace.

Our aviation experts use the latest modeling tools to implement safe and harmonized procedures, allowing pilots and controllers to achieve efficiency gains on the ground while maintaining the highest level of safety. Lymphate works with industry partners to achieve the environmental and safety imperatives demanded by an increasingly complex world.

High performance

Producing and operating airports that can meet the growing global demand for air travel is a continuous challenge for airlines, airport owners, and funders alike. We ensure clients’ facilities and infrastructure are designed and operate optimally, through an insightful alignment of people, processes, physical assets, and technology.

Trusted and reliable partner

Our clients include concessionaires, airport authorities, architects, consultancies, contractors, and airlines.We understand that each project is unique and therefore focus on understanding individual client needs to achieve the best solutions.We are also adept at managing the complex stakeholder relations in aviation projects to ensure a smooth delivery process.



Even with top-performing carriers, we typically help increase revenue per available seat-kilometer, by focusing not just on technical levers, but also management infrastructure and people development.


We advise companies on how to position and differentiate themselves to yield the best returns. Using proprietary tools, we help airlines test the likely impact of their current business plans—and then refine and optimize them. We help lead industry thinking on mergers, including developing creative structures to enable successful cross-border mergers.

Advanced analytics

Airlines can access a wealth of information from their passenger databases and frequent flier programs. We help them translate this data into actionable insights to drive additional sales uplift and third-party revenue, while improving customer experience by anticipating customer needs.


Our network tools model the impact of network changes, and have helped us improve carrier hub structures. These tools provide insight into the value brought by alliances, and we have supported several carriers to make the right alliance and joint venture decisions.


To help our airline clients improve their cost-efficiency, we work across all available levers—including fuel consumption, third-party procurement, labor productivity, and product definition. Our airline colleagues also partner with our Operations Practice to bring cutting-edge lean approaches, aircraft turnarounds and back-office processes.


  • Airport planning

  • Airport Designing

  • New airport design and access planning

  • Airport refurbishments and extensions

  • Passenger management and people flow assessments and recommendations

  • Assessments of aviation policy and security requirements

  • Sustainable best practice recommendations

  • Environmental assessments

  • Airside and groundside engineering (civil, electrical)

  • Road and bridge engineering

  • Navigational aids and approach systems design

  • Passenger terminal building development (architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, security systems)

  • Apron and gate planning

  • Passenger boarding bridge selection and installation

  • Baggage handling systems

  • Fuel system design, construction, and monitoring

  • Stormwater systems design and management

  • Plan of construction operations and safety phasing plans

  • Asset and pavement life cycle management and systems

  • Airport master planning

  • Land use planning

  • Greenfield site selection

  • Traffic impact assessments

  • Funding applications

  • Market evaluation and forecasting 

  • Location assessment and site selection

  • Master planning, strategic planning, and feasibility studies

  • Planning, design and supervision of construction work related to runways, taxiways and aprons

  • Planning and design of passenger and cargo terminals and land-side and access facilities

  • Project management

  • Risk management

  • Contract administration and site supervision

  • Airfield pavement & PCI surveys

  • CDM services

  • Facilities management.

  • Airside infrastructure – pavements, AGL, NAVAIDS and ATC

  • Airport facilities – passenger terminals, cargo terminals, hangars

  • Airport systems – baggage handling systems, fire fighting systems, ICT systems including FIDS and CUTE

  • Fuel storage and distribution

  • Security systems – CULS, ICISS, PASS and more

  • Landside infrastructure – motorways, access roads, car parks.

  • Program and Construction Management

  • Alternate Delivery

  • Aviation System Planning

  • Comprehensive Aviation Design Services

  • Airport Master Development Plans

  • Pavement Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Management

  • Passenger Terminal Planning and Design

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Design

  • Systems Design for Fueling

  • Baggage Handling

  • Surface access modelling

  • Traffic management and operational assessment

  • Aviation regulatory advice

  • Safeguarding assessment

  • Movement area planning and capacity analysis

  • Environmental impact studies

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Feasibility studies and master planning

  • Aviation safety assessments.

                       Airport Operation Services

Our airport operation services are predicated upon system safety and environmental sustainability.

  • Safety management system design and implementation

  • Airport regulatory compliance and the Airport Certificate

  • Obstacle limitation surfaces

  • ICAO Type A charts

  • Airside self-inspection safety programs

  • Airside vehicle operations programs

  • Bird and wildlife risk assessments and management plans

  • Emergency response and aircraft rescues and fire fighting

  • Emergency planning

  • Winter operations and aircraft movement surface condition reporting

  • De-icing plans and glycol mitigation studies

                                     Satellite Navigation

We have the engineering knowledge and FAA domain expertise to apply aviation technologies to airspace management, both domestically and internationally. Lymphate plays a vital role in the development of the FAA Next Generation (NextGen) Air Transportation System through our support to the program offices of the Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), the Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) and Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS), and the Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance Group.

  • Airspace implementation, integration, and redesign

  • Air transport aircraft and operations performance

  • PBN approach design and implementation

  • Air traffic control

  • Operational implementation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) 

  • GNSS training

  • Systems and software engineering

  • Communication navigation surveillance (CNS) and air traffic management (ATM)

  • Systems security

  • Data collection, fuel consumption, air quality studies,  and noise studies

  • Program and project management of large and complex aviation projects

  • Financial management, such as budget formulation, execution, and earned value management (EVM)

  • 3D Airspace Visualization

                                        Safety & Security

Lymphate designs, develops, implements, certifies, and audits safety solutions. Our expertise covers all facets of safety management systems (SMS). We help the aviation industry meet new regulatory requirements to implement SMS for their operations, helping organizations identify risks and address core safety needs.

  • SMS program development, including ICAO and FAA compliant SMS programs

  • Safety risk management and safety reporting systems

  • SMS quality assurance audits and corrective action plans

  • SMS employee training support

  • Human factors

  • Airline safety data management and analysis

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