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Mr. Ashutosh Paswan , Chairman, Lymphate

I am proud and privileged to serve as Chairman of mastery infrastructure company Lymphate Infra Private Limited. Since establishment, Lymphate witnessed phases of improvement and overcome tremendous challenges paving its way towards a remarkable presence in infrastructure Services.

It has been an exciting experience to witness the remarkable economic development of India. We are lucky to live in one of the world’s fastest growing economies evidenced by our young nation’s diversifying markets and infrastructure development. Our organisation has been fortunate enough to have actively participated in contributing to this growth throughout the four decades of its operation. It is our every intention to avidly continue our contribution to India’s economy.

We believe the success and growth of our business can be attributed to consistency in terms of standards and policies and to the efforts of our supportive local and international partners. Furthermore, we have a very selective recruitment process that ensures our highly qualified staff and management are able to perform in accordance with our international standards.

We strongly believe that with our professional and devoted staff, support of our shareholders and trust of our clients, we'll be capable of further development and ensure pursuable growth in years to come. We greatly value our business relationships and look forward to your continued support and interest in the exciting years.

Lymphate business plan is focused in providing excellent and cost-effective solutions to customers in the local and international markets using advanced and fit for purpose technologies. Our professional belief in ethics and quality has evolved into a set of corporate standards and practices which we use as our benchmark for excellence. This attitude of providing the highest level of quality in all of our endeavors has paid-off at every step of the way. Today, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy household name both in India and beyond.

As a diversified group of establishments that maintains rigorous international standards in its many products and services we are in a unique position to capitalise on India’s growing infrastructure market. Our numerous renowned international partners are proof of our international business success. Our continued operational expansion is regularly measured to ensure that pace is kept with the country’s giant economic strides.

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