Intelligent power transmission infrastructure is vital for the ability to meet the rising demands for a flexible energy grid and for securing high quality and reliable transport of energy. The ongoing market transition towards renewable energy requires intelligent solutions at all levels

from the power production all the way to the consumer. The ongoing market transition towards renewable energy requires intelligent solutions at all levels – from the power production all the way to the consumer. 


We advise clients throughout the project lifecycle – from pre-feasibility right through to design, operations and maintenance and onto decommissioning. Our involvement begins with feasibility studies, providing advice on technical, financial, emission, and environmental issues, to engineering design and energy simulations during the construction phase. We also provide long-term operational management support services.

  • Technical, environmental and financial analysis and recommendations needed to support the investment decision

  • Project management

  • Conceptual design and layout

  • Life time extension evaluation

  • Management of the tendering and procurement process

  • Contract management

  • Supervision during construction and commissioning

  • Operation and maintenance advisory services

  • Project follow-up after delivery of the facility

We have a large scale multidisciplinary design capability that is provided through a structured project delivery process and we ensure competitive cost advantage of up to 30% savings to our clients. Our strong technical offering, proven delivery process and competitive pricing is a compelling value proposition in this fast moving and technically complex sector.

Lymphate is continuing to develop its power sector services in the global market place, delivering its services through the network of Lymphate offices around the world. We are tackling a diverse range of new power projects such as offshore generation and transmission and the integration of smart grid technology that will ensure our clients are well prepared for the evolution of the power sector.


Power Generation

Lymphate  is equally adept in the mechanical and electrical aspects of power generation, with expertise ranging from gas to diesel to steam and wind, which can be applied to a wide range of power packages from two to fifty megawatt engines.


Designing it to be modular enabled simple configuration, while prefabricated, pretested piping modules guaranteed compatibility. Site installation was simply a matter of assembling and connecting the modules.If your facility produces spare gas or propane, we can export it to the grid to capture the maximum value from your facility’s power generating assets.

Growth in renewable energy generation along with the development of higher efficiency and flexible fossil fuel plants are increasingly seen as the key in delivering reliable low carbon solutions. Lymphate has the experience required to successfully plan and implement such solutions. we provide specialist services at a detailed design and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) level - including a complete range of services to support plant operation, maintenance and lifetime extension. 


Distribution & Transmission

Reliable, secure, accessible and robust power transmission and distribution systems are critical elements in the push to meet the growing global demand for electricity. Transmission and distribution systems provide a lifeline to rural and urban areas alike, bringing clear socioeconomic benefits to communities around the globe. 

Our experience runs from traditional power generation technologies, through to emerging renewable technologies and their associated systems. We offer services in the power generation and distribution of energy from water, sun, wind, biomass, soil, compost, waste, and various types of surplus energy.

Our dedicated energy specialists in turn can rely on our international network of civil and structural engineers, process engineering specialists, environmental, and climate change consultants. Our water and hydropower specialists understand the connection between power and water, and are able to provide solutions specific to the needs of the power industry. From water supply for steam and cooling to the disposal of effluent, we offer cost-effective solutions to optimize our clients’ power generation operations.


The bulk transfer of electrical energy—from generation of power plants to electrical substations to end users—requires an impeccable strategy and know-how. Our teams of specialist project managers, designers, engineers, and environmental consultants provide vast knowledge and comprehensive expertise to support clients in planning and implementing transmission and distribution networks that will perform efficiently over the long term, as well as in strengthening the infrastructure needed to remedy any shortcomings. We know that our clients need to improve power resilience in an era where extreme weather is becoming more common. Our professionals can leverage their extensive knowledge and experience to assess system vulnerabilities and develop designs that minimize the impact of climate-related events on power facilities and networks.

Our expertise spans network studies, primary design, protection design, automation and control system design, primary and secondary plant design, earthing design, lighting and insulation coordination, full secondary design, engineering design coordination and project management, environmental impact assessments (EIAs), transport analysis, planning of electrical networks, architectural design services, and fire engineering.


Asset Management

Asset management is “coordinated activity of an organisation to realize value from assets". One of the key benefits of good asset management is a strengthening of the ability to compete through the delivery of operational reliability and a predictable production. Also, a strategic approach to asset management reduces operating costs, increases availability, improves safety, optimises processes, planning and scheduling and will result in an organisation better suited for operation and maintenance.


We build our services on continuous improvements, always closely involving our clients in the solutions. Improving availability and efficiency is an integral part of our services, and we believe in maintenance solutions which are rooted deeply in the individual corporate culture. Working closely with our clients, we offer strategies to considerably improve maintenance and asset management organisations. Our specialists use their experience with tried and tested management, development and planning methods to deliver solutions that streamline our clients’ overall operating economy. We produce results by introducing new processes and practices into an organisation based on our clients’ value chain. 


As a response to the market demand for our services, Lymphate has established a specialist asset management organisation in our Energy unit. Building on our existing experience, we have carried out extensive training of the key technical experts in our organisation to enable them to address asset management issues in a strategic manner based on thorough analysis. This approach has paved the way for a leading position as O&M consultants at large-scale energy facilities worldwide. 


Energy Planning & Efficiency

Lymphate provides everything from feasibility studies and energy audits to cost-benefit calculations, scenario analysis, and more. We also offer strategic advice on energy policy design and evaluations of implemented energy policy measures. Furthermore, we carry out technology procurement (innovative procurement/catalytic procurement) for the development and market introduction of new energy- efficient products and components.


District Energy

District heating is one of the most efficient means of heat supply, and integrating green energy into the system also makes it highly sustainable. Combining years of experience from the energy and cooling industry, we provide full service solutions, from planning and establishment of new district heating and cooling systems, heat production from renewables, including low temperature district heating, to the optimisation and extension of existing networks, and renewal and replacement of worn-out pipeline systems.

District heating and cooling is the centralised generation and distribution of heating and cooling. Depending on local circumstances, networks can be both lower carbon and cheaper for consumers than an individual heating system. A district heating network allows a large number of individual consumers to access heat that has been produced from a number of sources such as: combined heat and power (CHP), large scale heat pumps,municipal waste incineration, biomass boilers or industrial waste heat recovery.

Multiple ownership models exist for district heating networks, ranging from full state or municipal ownership, long term concession agreements with private operators for heat generation and distribution, “unbundled” networks with separate ownership of different network assets or a private owner/operator that bills and interacts directly with consumers.  Every district heating project starts with a feasibility study. We perform audits, preliminary route planning for district heating systems, energy needs assessments, as well as economic appraisals. We evaluate the status of the entire distribution system, analyze risk and recommend measures to optimize operations and minimize potential heating failures.


  • Maintenance GAP analyses and improvement programmes

  • Logistic & spares

  • Availability analyses & Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

  • Process optimisation

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

  • Reliability Centred Maintenance & Risk Based Maintenance

  • Maintenance planning & maintenance manuals

  • Risk and safety

  • FMECA (failure mode, effect & criticality analyses)

  • CMMS utilization and implementation

  • Spare part management & logistics

  • Asset management roadmaps & strategy design

  • Organisation (design, policy, goals and KPIs)

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

  • Responsible decommissioning 

  • Maintenance planning 

  • Platform design 

  • Financial & Conceptual Studies

  • Offshore Decommissioning

  • Modification & Maintenance

  • Floating Production

  • Asset Management

  • Power Distribution

  • Power Transmission

  • Distribution Grids

  • Cost & weight estimation

  • Safety and control system philosophies

  • Equipment sizing and specifications for utilities

  • Material Take-Off lists (MTO’s) and specifications of long lead items

  • Installation procedures

  • Preparation of EPC tender material

  • Design verification

  • site and route optioneering

  • environmental feasibility studies and assessments

  • environmental permitting and planning consent support

  • grid connection support, civil and electrical engineering design

  • smart grid development

  • integrated power solutions

  • scenario analysis for sustainable energy systems for new urban areas

  • distribution from intermittent electricity production and renewable energy sources

  • infrastructure development binding continents and facilitating intracontinental trade

  • Energy audits and surveys

  • Detailed pre-investment feasibility studies

  • Automatic meter reading and monitoring and tracking solutions

  • Project implementation and facilitation

  • Change management and technical training

  • Renewable and low-carbon energy strategies

  • Carbon and energy compliance services

  • Certification and verification services

  • Design and implementation services

  •  Power Systems Analysis

  • Energy Storage & Loads

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