Lymphate help us to transform your visions in the defense industry into concrete proposals and recommendations, which you can then present to the manufacturers, producers and other, collaborates with whom you work.  Comprehensive expertise within the defense industry, Lymphate has developed a reputation as a reliable partner.

Projects can vary from broad-based and sometimes theoretical analyses to detailed specifications of requirements. Our team can lead the process of change from start to finish, or as an expert within a specific stage. Our clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we devote the same attention to the contextual setting as we do to the smallest detail of every project.


  • Concept phase - We support with requirement analysis, conceptual design studies and reports for decision makers.

  • Development phase - System design work, technical and scope of work specifications, assistance during procurement and final verification of system.

  • Production phase - Independent services during production

  • Utilization & Support phase - Training and technical assistance, integration work and logistic expertise.

  • Retirement phase - We support our clients with required studies and administration work in order to retire the system in an effective and sustainable way.

Lymphate has a unique combination of breadth and depth in a wide range of technology which enables us to meet customer demand for total commitment and build on future solutions. Moreover we can provide the customer with independent consultants with extensive field experience. Within the area of Marine Vessels we offer skills in designing required systems for Automation, Communication, Electrical Power Systems, Ventilation, Sonar, Machine System and more. Our systems engineer have technical expertise in specific areas and can do requirement breakdown, negotiate with suppliers and regulatory analysis regards to military and civilian standards.

  • System Management

  • System Design

  • Capability Provider

  • Product Development

  • Product strategies and architecture

  • Expertise in developing a product and aiming for lower lifecycle cost

  • Expertise in development methodology, project models and certification

  • Development of systems/products from prototype to design

  • Transfer of systems/products from design to production

  • Quality Assurance and verification of systems/products

  • Integration of systems/products

  • Maintenance of systems/products

  • Mechanical design

  • Electronic design

  • Software design

  • IT solutions

  • Test and verification

  • Project management

  • Quality management

  • Business case management

  • Change management

  • Product lifecycle planning

  • Technical calculations


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