At Lymphate we work with our clients to develop solutions that minimize environmental impacts and the use of natural resources, whilst considering the local setting.Our team of specialists work alongside clients and design teams to ensure that potential environmental issues are identified early on, and opportunities are taken to maximize environmental sustainability whilst minimizing unnecessary cost and delay. Working as a multi-disciplinary team, we provide the full range of environmental services required on projects, drawing on our experience across the globe to provide expert advice and design, from concept through to project completion.

Our major challenges center around entering new markets, capital project support and how to generally operate in a safe, compliant and sustainable way. In addition, delivering a responsible asset retirement strategy and improving transparency and corporate reporting for an increasing number of interested stakeholders are further areas of concern. In a world brim-filled to its capacity, we move to start a reform crucial for the survival of our planet. The start of a green revolution.

The booming growth of Indian population indicates that solid waste from the growing number of households and industries will ultimately become unmanageable. Therefore, being an enterprise with an ambition to create a healthy environment for all, Lymphate Infra has ventured into solid waste management infrastructure to successfully provide solutions for collection, transport, processing and recycling of solid waste to efficaciously nullify its effects on health and environment. We aspire to be an integrated environment solutions company offering engineering, construction and value-added services in areas of MSW - Management of solid waste, water treatment & distribution, and waste-water management.  
















Air Quality

Poor air quality has negative effects on health, the environment and the economy. In recent years, air quality has become a key consideration in planning new developments and regulatory authorities require robust evidence to demonstrate that those developments do not worsen local air quality.

Lymphate have in-depth experience in addressing air quality issues through the planning, design, construction and operation of projects.  Using the most up to date air quality dispersion models in our assessments we work closely with transportation, energy, utilities and building services colleagues to find solutions in advance of planning and construction.


The integration of biodiversity into development designs, and the potential impacts on ecology, are now key aspects of the planning and design process. Lymphate’s in-house ecology expertise enables us to work closely with engineers, architects and designers to provide a fully integrated design team, offering cost-effective solutions to complex planning and design issues.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Obtaining environmental approvals can be challenging and requires careful consideration and planning. At Lymphate we work with regulators and design teams at the early stages to identify key issues, incorporate mitigation measures and maximise sustainable solutions that will reduce the overall environmental impact.







When a building is to be demolished, we first make sure to secure the area and disconnect it from all infrastructure. The first step in the demolition process is the manual cleaning up of hazardous substances. Next the building is stripped of everything that can be environmentally decommissioned, before specially designed machines demolish the actual structural shell. To save environmental as well as transport and landfill costs, the bulk material can be used to refill the construction pit or increase the height of the terrain. 

With the use of explosives, we can demolish buildings and structures, free up the reinforcement in concrete structures, blast under water and trigger controlled landslides.We can also seek and decommission explosives in the ground and collect and destroy explosives and pyrotechnics.

Environmental Remediation

Lymphate can completely or partially remove building materials such as lightweight structures, floor coverings, partition walls, doors, windows, ceilings, cables. The waste is sorted and sent for recycling. Substances which are harmful to health and the environment are handled according to the environmental remediation report.

We are flexible both with regard to the customer and to other contractors at the site, so that the project can be completed according to schedule.


  • Environment Impact Assessment

  • Environment Management Plan

  • Green Building

  • Air & Noise Quality Monitoring

  • Wind Analysis

  • Soil Analysis

  • Stack Emission Monitoring

  • Light Intensity Monitoring

  • Land Degradation

  • Transport Management

  • Green House Gas Audit

  • Landfill Subsidence Monitoring


  • Demolition

  • Risk Management

  • Natural Disaster Management

  • Climate Assessment

  • Severe Weather Warning

  • Community Resilience

  • Social Impact

  • Contingency Action Plan

  • National Crisis Management

  • Managing Risks & Building Resilience


  • Urban Forestry Management

  • Coastal Regulation Zone

  • River Conservation Plan

  • Wetland Conversation

  • Eco-mark Scheme

  • Afforestation Program

  • Wildlife Management

  • Bio Diversity & Habitat

  • Sustainable Coastal Management

  • Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution


  • ​Acoustic design

  • Flood risk management

  • Geoenvironmental

  • Transport and Mobility

  • Sustainability

  • Masterplanning

  • Air Quality

  • Compliance Assurance and Performance

  • Ecological Services

  • Environmental and Community Risk Assessment

  • Impact Assessment

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Product Safety and Stewardship

  • Resource and Waste Management

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • Acoustic , Noise & Vibration

  • Archaeology & Heritage Buildings

  • Asbestos and Hazardous Material Management

  • Contaminated Soil & Land Remediation

  • Site Solutions

  • Sustainability

  • Transnational Due Diligence

  • ​Acoustic design

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Designing

  • Feasibility Report

  • Engineering & Equipment

  • Project Cost Estimation & Cash Flow

  • Turnkey Project

  • Cloud based IoT Platform

  • Lab Testing

  • Sensors & Software Analysis

  • Environmental Asset Services

  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment & Planning

  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • License & Permitting 

  • Natural Environment & Ecology

  • Strategic Environment Assessment

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