The people strategy at Lymphate is straightforward – be a high performance company and a superb place to work. The company attributes its human resource success to its transparency and ability to share its story. The company’s history is shared with its entire staff, discussing the highs and lows, challenges and successes, with every person. The company keeps an open mind in HR processes and welcomes change and innovation when needed. Their open mind is keeping them ahead of the rest. HR focuses a lot of time and attention to training managers to lead, while maintaining a culture of authenticity, transparency, and accessibility. 

People are our real assets. Lymphate’s rapid growth rate necessitates an intense focus on talent management. Lymphate provides the unmatched platform for passionate people to realize their potential & talent through challenging, interesting & motivating assignments. Opportunities exist across disciplines including Engineering, Finance, IT, HR, Business Development, Legal and many more. So, come forward.


Learning and Development

To cater to the ever-growing needs of the industry we have set up a state of the art learning center at Kolkata. Learning centre caters to the learning development need of our team and helps us build a highly skilled and well-informed workforce. A good blend of skill development, behavioral and functional programs provide a platform for growth. In addition to this, we cater to such development needs through experts at our various project sites and regional offices also.

Long Service Reward

At Lymphate we cherish and value the long-term association of our team members and to appreciate their commitment and contributions we present them with the Long Service Awards as a token of our gratitude

Cultural Meets / Festivals

To promote a sense of belonging among our teams and to create an environment where employees feel at home is our aim. Moreover, these activities are also undertaken to facilitate recreation for our team. Special occasions call for special celebrations and to enjoy our team members birthdays we bring on the celebrations with birthday cakes and snacks for all every month.

Welfare Trust for Employees

All employees contribute towards LYMPHATE welfare trust along with the regular contributions from management. The basic purpose of this trust is to assist employees in their need of hour.

Privacy Policy


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