Leisure and Hospitality is one of the most leading sector across geographies. This includes business such as Consumer Services, Gaming & Casinos, Hotels/Resorts/Cruise Lines, Restaurants, Staffing & Recruiting Services, Travel Industry, Government or Regulatory Body.Ambiance plays a crucial role in giving a visitor at any leisure venue a pleasant experience. The interior scheme and overall atmosphere is just as important to an experience as the activities they get involved with while there.

Lymphate understand the challenges that developers and institutions face when embarking on leisure and hospitality projects — from assembling land and gaining approvals, to financing management and operations, to creating projects that will stand out in fiercely competitive markets. All elements, from guest experience to life-cycle operations, are considered at every stage of planning and implementation to create the level of service and quality that is the hallmark of a successful destination.The leisure and hospitality market is focused on creating highly attractive environments while achieving guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Lymphate has helped to bring a wide variety of leisure and cultural offerings to their fullest potential. We assist clients in creating distinctive environments where architecture, landscape, entertainment, culture and history combine for an unforgettable experience.

With a sensitive approach to design and unrivaled engineering intellect, our teams are perfectly placed to facilitate excellence in this competitive field. We work with leading hotel brands, signature architects, property developers, and management companies to create exceptional, sustainable, and cost-effective buildings that will generate value for their owners far into the future. Lymphate know how essential it is to create hotels and resorts that work for guests and staff alike. To meet our clients’ exacting standards, as well as our own, we deploy sector-specific Quality Assurance practices at every stage of the project. Lymphate’s wealth of experience in delivering technical and operational solutions enables us to build remarkable environments where people around the world work, live and play.














Inventive Engineering Solutions

Building top-notch hotels in dramatic locations is no easy task. Our clients face challenges from steep mountain terrain and poor quality soil to extreme climates and flood-prone plains – all on top of the demanding aesthetics of a first-rate facility. These obstacles, however, can be made into a hotel’s greatest asset. Stunning views, far-flung locations, and adventurous activities draw in visitors, giving them experiences to remember and share.

Rewarding Investments in Hospitality

From family days in the sun to thrilling casino wins, or simply the best night’s sleep you can remember, hotels offer priceless experiences, but owners and operators are well aware of the costs that are entailed in their creation. Therefore, finding value for money in construction and beyond is key for all players in the high-pressure world of hospitality.

Luxurious Hospitality

Whatever the budget and wherever the location, hotels and resorts thrive when their customers head home inspired by their experience and eager to return. In a competitive market, that’s not always easy: providing maximum comfort, convenience, and entertainment, all in a safe and stylish environment, is a major undertaking.

Luxurious Leisure

For communities, leisure is a serious business. A new resort or a refurbished hotel can bring immense value to an area and its economy, but blending the latest improvements with local history and landscape requires thoughtful and sustainable development.














Lymphate will ensure that this aim is met, through meeting the needs of every stakeholder – fans, performers, players, operators and owners.Our leisure choices have never been greater. More concerts, more sports games, more festivals, more fun. Therefore, to invest in a major stadium project, clients must be certain of a sizeable return in their investment. Our specialist people flow modelling team will study footfall, building in dynamic freeflow of people through the stadium, as well as ensuring safety at every stage. Lowering operating costs and minimising carbon footprint are always considered in every project, whatever the environment or local conditions.We are not just engineers, we are also spectators. We appreciate that good stadium design is not just the nuts and bolts, it is about creating a buzz or a feeling.



  • Feasibility and economic viability assessments

  • Masterplanning

  • Environmental assessments

  • People flow studies and wayfinding

  • Transport and access assessments

  • Civil, Structural and facade design

  • Building environmental, mechanical and electrical engineering

  • Acoustics, lighting and building services engineering

  • Inclusive design

  • Fire, security and technology services

  • Post occupancy evaluation

  • PMO support
  • Project management


  • Stadium and arena engineering design

  • Elite and community sports training facility engineering design

  • Repurposing and refurbishing of existing venues

  • Masterplanning and Infrastructure design

  • Economic viability and business case support

  •  Lead consultancy project development and management

  • Asset management and venue operation advice

  • Leisure and Training Facilities

  • Playing ground expansion

  • Cost reduction
  • Interim executives
  • Marketing strategy

  • Transformation
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