Our life sciences specialists partner with clients to provide future-enabled facilities that help spark collaboration and attract the brightest minds, all while ensuring the building operates as efficiently as possible.

With life science builders and designers on staff, we develop solutions for cost efficiencies and a fast-track schedule allowing clients to achieve a quicker return on investment.

Integrated platforms for healing & discovery

Academic Medical Centers drive positive change in medicine, research, and education. Campus and facility planning and design must support the brand promise and identity of the enterprise, promote leading translational research, provide safer, healthier, and more efficient clinical care, promote wellness, and engage the patient with the clinician and investigator on a shared path to better health.


Depth of experience

Expertise in manufacturing processes, equipment and control. Lymphate creates effective production processes.

The food, pharmaceuticals and medical device industries are governed by stringent regulatory regimes and high levels of safety consciousness. Lymphate attaches great importance to quality and the traceability requirements of your products.

Wide range of global projects

Lymphate is significant supplier within the global the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Every year, we carry out a wide range of successful full-service undertakings and turnkey projects as well as individual consulting assignments. We ensure high quality products that improve standards of living, provide nutrition and help cure illnesses. 

Deep pool of expertise

Because we are a global engineering and consulting company employing thousands of highly skilled specialists in manufacturing processes, equipment and control, we are able to draw from a deep pool of expertise every time we set up a project team to develop an innovative product, process or new system.


A thoughtfully designed place for self-discovery, support, and treatment can be the difference between mental pain and mental health. Our design approach for behavioral health environments balances a sense of community with the need for privacy and security. Our spaces are open, embracing, safe, and secure, and they encourage a positive, uplifting sense of purpose and direction.



  • Hospitals

  • Multidiscipline Design

  • Planning & Engineering

  • Technical Advisory & Landscape

  • Master Planning

  • Healing Environment

  • Delivering locally

  • Refurbishment & remodelling

  • Lean Operational Design

  • Advanced Laboratories

  • Medical City

  • Bio technology

  • Clinical Research &  Innovation centre

  • Therapeutics


  • Genetic Testing

  • Clinical Trails

  • Health communications 

  • eHealth & mHealth

  • Personalized medicine

  • Tailoring 

  • Health behaviours 

  • Intervention studies

  • Bio chemistry Insights

  • Toxicology and Industrial Health

  • Senior Living

  • Bioinformatics

  • Synthetic Biology

  • Neuroscience

  • Big Data Analytics

Lymphate provides the expertise needed to envision and construct academic, public and private sector life sciences communities around the world. Working with our partners, we create environments that will inspire the innovations of tomorrow.

We deliver state-of-the art life sciences facilities where scientists can research, discover and manufacture life-changing medicines to promote longer, healthier lives

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