Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and therefore vital to the global economy. 70% of all goods are carried by sea and transit through ports before being transferred to another mode of transportation.

Our maritime specialists are dedicated to the planning, design, and construction of port facilities, marine infrastructure, and coastal facilities. We deliver innovative, value-engineered outcomes that benefit from decades of experience, and a thorough understanding of the challenges and risks faced by this multifaceted sector. We are committed to integrating environment and sustainability principles at every phase of our projects.

Our specialists create sustainable beach designs and assess the environmental impacts of new coastal developments around the world. We provide experienced advice on the adaptive design of coastal defence structures and landforms to prepare for a changing climate.The marine spatial planning process is effective at establishing a balance of the conservation of marine resources with the impact of human activities. The process provides a sound understanding of all human activities in marine areas and sets a comprehensive plan to create a more balanced and sustainable approach to marine resource management, including the development of marine renewable energy.

Our dedicated staff has comprehensive experience from national as well as international projects. We undertake both large and smaller-scale projects and assist customers throughout all project phases – from the earliest planning and pre-feasibility studies to masterplan studies, design, and tendering.

Innovative mooring and loading/off-loading facilities designed by Lymphate include single-point moorings, multipoint moorings, sea islands, floating docks, bulk handling and general cargo wharfs. Our experience covers the specification and design of virtually all structural systems.































































  • Port Master Planning

  • Port Policy and Management Consultation

  • Financial and Economic Feasibility Analysis

  • Port and Marine Terminal Models and Simulations

  • Freight Rail and Intermodal Transfer Facilities

  • Passenger, Cruise and Ferry Terminals

  • Seaports and Rail Simulation Models

  • Ship Building and Repair Facilities

  • Program and Project Management

  • Engineering Design

  • Construction Management

  • Container and General Cargo Terminals

  • Shore-to-ship Power Design

  • Terminal Operations Environmental Management

  • Container

  • Liquid and dry bulk terminals

  • Waterfront developments

  • Cruise and ferry terminals

  • Recreational marinas

  • Military installations

  • Coastal strategy studies

  • Integrated coastal zone management 

  • Shoreline management plans 

  • Marine spatial planning

  • Coastal emergency planning

  • Coastal tourism and resort feasibility studies

  • Coastal resilience assessments

  • Design new sustainable sand and shingle beaches

  • Conduct beach safety and risk management studies

  • Improve flood defence advice and mitigate coastal erosion

  • Provide emergency planning services

  • Provide geotechnical engineering

  • Provide environmental assessments

  • Coastal/marine EIA or SEA and environmental appraisals

  • Marine habitat surveys

  • Coastal water quality assessments

  • Design of coastal habitat re-creation, restoration and translocation of species/habitats

  • Marine Environmental Assessment & Regulatory Compliance 

  • Feasibility studies 

  • Field investigations

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Port design projects


  • Port extension projects

  • Port rehabilitation projects

  • Marina projects

  • Dredging and fairway projects

  • Port maintenance.

  • Concept design

  • Detailed design

  • Hydraulic modelling

  • Sediment modelling

  • Erosion studies

  • Statistical analysis

  • Flood risk analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Site supervision and inspections

  • Permits and authority handling

  • Coastal Engineering

  • Maritime Advisory

  • Maritime Environmental

  • Port Planning & Analysis

  • Terminal Engineering

  • Buoyant systems using moored displacement-style hulls and semi-submersible configurations

  • Concrete, sheet pile, and cellular bulkheads

  • Free-standing piled structures in concrete, steel, and timber

  • Jacketed structures

  • Automated remote product routing

  • Ballast water treatment

  • Berthing and mooring management systems

  • Corrosion protection systems

  • Fire monitor systems

  • Metering systems

  • Spill control systems

  • Utility systems

  • Vapor recovery systems

  • Waste disposal systems

  • Static and dynamic mooring analyses (Jetty, SPM and MBM)

  • Coastal hydraulic assessments

  • Shoreline Management

  • Port master planning

  • Port planning

  • Port terminal planning

  • Port infrastructure planning

  • Risk assessments

Coastal Engineering

  • Coastal resilient infrastructure

  • Shore protection (seawalls, revetments, breakwaters, wharves, and piers)

  • Coastal hydraulics

  • Wave, wind, and storm surge modeling

  • Wave forecasting and force analysis

  • Hydrodynamic and water quality monitoring

  • Sediment transport and coastal erosion

  • Dredging and disposal plans

  • Mitigation design, ecological restoration, and habitat creation

Waterfront Development

  • Planning, design, and construction

  • Multi-modal transit interconnects

  • Marinas, boat ramps, offshore moorings, and mega yacht facilities

  • Waterfront parks and recreation

  • Marine structural inspection, design, and rehabilitation


Oceanographic and Geophysical Services

  • Bathymetric surveys

  • LiDAR and imagery and surveys

  • High density laser scans

  • Side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, and magnetometer surveys

  • Vessel-mounted LiDAR and multibeam surveys

  • Metocean studies

Infrastructure Design Services

  • Passenger and cargo facility design

  • Navigation clearance and ship collision risk assessment

  • Rail sidings and yards

  • Moveable structures

  • Mechanical and structural systems (loading arms, gear boxes, cranes, and winches)

  • Floatable structures (barges and docks)

  • Lock systems

  • Seismic assessment and retrofit design

  • Bulkhead, seawall, wharves, piers, and offshore terminals

  • Channel, turning basin, and berthing dredge design

  • Geotechnical engineering, sampling, and analysis

  • Soil liquefaction assessment

  • Construction management services

Security Services

  • Security and threat assessment

  • Guard services, training, and capacity building

  • Preparedness and planning

  • Second Line of Defense and radioactive cargo screening

  • Organizational assessments and strategic consulting

  • Security program management

  • Communications and fiber optic design and construction


Disaster preparedness and emergency response

  • Tsunami early warning technologies

  • Resiliency training and capacity building

  • Public policy planning

  • Governance and community relations

  • Civil-military coordination

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