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24 x 7 Water Supply Scheme in India

As 24 x 7 water supply scheme concern about better quality & pressure of water for reducing consumer complaint, as tuberculations reduces the size of pipeline with adhesive attract with impurities meanwhile the pressure get decreases even air pockets forms due to leak of high pressure.

  • High level leakage cause intermittent supply & therefore pose a significant public health risk.

  • Reducing physical losses will make more water available & enables water utilities to increase coverage including to poor community.

  • Pressure management is the only element that can shrink or expand the minimum achievable volume of physical losses.

  • Tuberculations inside the pipeline causes the low pressure which unable to reaches water in time.

  • Water loss from the large diameter pipeline can be quite significant with predominantly low pressure system.

  • The leakages & gas pockets increase the NRW to reach the destination, 70% of wastage of concern water, out of 30%, 12% goes for storage & waste water & 18% water reaches by the DMA (District Metered Area).

  • The components of NRW (physical & commercial loss) can be qualified by analyzing flow & pressure date, leak detection work can be priorities.

  • When leak is eliminated, utilizes can better gauge the existence of illegal connection or other forms of water thefts & could take action.

  • The percentage of NRW is important for a utility to measure, many practitioner tents to overlook its shortcomings in properly assessing water losses.

Bulk water security is not end of the problem.

Low efficiency resulted in to higher water loss, poor financial position, deteriorated assets, frequent contaminated of water affected the public health especially urban poor & overall unsatisfied citizen service.


  • Water Audits

  • Challenges in addressing last mile connection within consumer premises.

  • Non- replacement of pipeline in 70% of networks.

  • No role model in India to adopt efficient urban water.

  • Rehabilitate the distribution networks.

  • Metering of connection.

  • Reducing of Non Revenue Water

  • Volumetric Traffic

Benefits: -

  • Continuous high quality supply.

  • Low operation cost.

  • Reduction in NRW

  • Metering of Connections.

  • Less storage requirements.

  • Round the clock water supply reduces Water waste as people don’t store & waste water.

Water Distribution Solutions: -

  • Leak Detection & Maintenance

  • Performance Assessments.

  • Assets Management

  • Demand Management

  • NRW reduction

  • Utility Management

  • Networks analysis

  • Metering Solution

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