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Connecting Machines an easy range

Our solutions allow you to transform your current equipment (machines, production tools) into enhanced objects, while adapting to the existing ones.


  • Adaptation to existing tools

  • Flexible, customization and scalable

  • Event and alert management

  • Analysis, visualization and supervision of the activity

  • Substantial improvement of the fleet for a limited investment


A lot of corporate equipment that does not include connected information systems are now “obsolete” parks.

Of course, the machines still work, but they have a negative impact on the company’s performance. Indeed, the lack of communication between machines leads to a decrease in productivity, responsiveness, and a lack of vital information for operators and business leaders.

Despite the cost and logistics involved, some equipment, which is still very efficient, is being thrown away to be replaced by intelligent tools. Companies are obliged to change their entire equipment fleet in order to improve their business indicators, enhance their data and ensure that decisions are taken safely.


We have developed products and services that allow companies to connect any machine, giving and receiving information and commands. Thanks to a simple installation, our range of solutions allows you to collect and analyze data that is useful to your organization.

By transforming your old machines into communicating tools, you are able to:

- Carry out monitoring,

- Carry out preventive maintenance by anticipating breakdowns,

- Pilot and trigger remote alerts,

- Benefit from a thorough knowledge of your business in order to open up new markets.

By keeping your machines, your operator’s business knowledge is not impacted and investments in new tools are limited.  

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