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Non Revenue Water

Non Revenue Water (NRW)

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is the water loss which comes before to the consumer from Transmission Mains.

Component of Non Revenue Water(NRW)

Real Losses comprise leakages from all parts of the system like leakages in Transmission, Distribution mains and service connections as well as overflows of reservoirs. They are caused by poor operations and maintenance, lack of active leakage control, and poor quality of underground assets.

Apparent Losses are caused by customer meter under registration, data-handling errors and theft of water in various forms.

Unbilled Authorized Consumption includes water used by the utility for operational purposes, water used for firefighting, and water provided for free to certain consumer groups including unbilled Non Metered consumption.

Reduction of Non Revenue Water (NRW)

NRW is major challenge for water utilities companies & governments, who are responsible for the upkeep of pipeline & is a particular headache in developing countries where technology and resources to address the problem are often limited.

Benefits of NRW reduction

The World Bank has estimated the total cost of NRW to utilities worldwide at USD 14 billion per year.

Benefits of NRW reduction, in particular of Leakage Reduction.

Financial gains from increased water sales or reduced water production, including possibly the delay of costly capacity expansion.Increased knowledge about the distribution system.Increase firefighting capabilities due to increase of pressure.Reduce property damage.Reduce risk of contamination.More stabilized water pressure through the system.

Trunk mains are major source of leakages & high Non Revenue Water reduction can achieved through leak detection inspection.

More the diameter increases less pressure occupied as a result acoustic noise become low & take time to rise up.

The number of leaks per kilometer tend to increase with decrease in pipe size, the volume lost in an individual leak tends to increase with pipe diameter.

Reduction of Non Revenue Water helps to provide & deliver 24 x 7 water supply scheme for Smart Cities .

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