Lymphate offers a unique range of expertise to clients looking for efficient and sustainable infrastructure solutions within urban development. Our consultants use their different areas of expertise to collaborate in creating pleasant and sustainable social environments where people can live, work and prosper. It might be anything from planning roads and public transport to creating the lighting and acoustics of the future.


Our road and motorway team also plans and designs city streets and squares. They focus on traffic safety and the creation of a good environment for different types of traffic, including pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

Lymphate has combined its expertise in the areas of road and bridge design asset management with advanced testing methods and IT to offer complete solutions for asset management.Highways are major investments and many clients come to Lymphate for our ability to judge financial risks, environmental impacts and overall viability. Our breadth of expertise in procurement and financing makes us the perfect partner for public or private organisations planning new road schemes or programmes.

We support clients throughout the planning, design and construction journey, continuing to work after the highway goes into use. Lymphate’s end-to-end service allows us to plan a highway’s operation and maintenance, focusing on its performance, whole life costs and rehabilitation.

Lympahte works in partnership with clients, taking ownership of their challenges to deliver real outcomes and long term benefits. We continually strive for excellence, both in the projects we work on and the way we develop both our business and our people. By investing in our staff we ensure that on a day-to-day basis technical challenges are met, delivering the best results for clients.

We provide a full range of services to help transportation agencies meet the technical, financial and contextual challenges of delivering roads and highways that address the economic, social and environmental needs of the communities they serve.

We work on every aspect of a highway program including traffic analysis, urban design, environmental impact studies and statements, funding and feasibility analysis, preliminary engineering and final design, construction planning and public communications.


  • Environmental evaluation

  • Geotechnical and geological investigations 

  • Architectural design

  • Hydraulic analysis

  • Traffic studies

  • Transport economic studies

  • Risk analysis

  • Integration with squares and roads

  • Railway technique

  • Design of hydraulic and mechanical systems for moveable bridges

  • Construction management.

  • Road engineering

  • Motorway engineering

  • Civil engineering

  • Transport

  • Urban planning

  • Landscape architecture

  • Structural engineering

  • Environmental engineering

  • Ground engineering

  • Water and sewage engineering

  • Project management

  • Construction management and monitoring

  • Road asset management.

  • Program management

  • Traffic management planning and design

  • Pavement analysis

  • Drainage design and stormwater management

  • Utility relocation

  • Streetscape design

  • Vulnerability analysis and security systems

  • Traffic management centers

  • Land use and master planning

  • Route planning

  • Alternatives analyses

  • Environmental impact statements

  • Active Transportation

  • Highway & Road Design

  • Intersection Design

  • Asset & Data Management System

  • Road Asset management & Network System

  • Intelligent Transportation SYstem

  • Traffic Support

  • Traffic Engineering & Road Safety

  • Vision Zero Analysis

  • Highway design and construction services

  • Toll and mobility

  • Toll road operations

  • Intelligent transportation systems

  • Emergency roadway fast-track design

  • Feasibility and corridor studies

  • Environmental studies

  • Highway design and construction services

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