Our approach to mobility focuses on the unique operational requirements of our clients and the user needs of travelers. We combine operational and information technologies to satisfy growing peak demand while attaining environmental and user-experience targets.

Our goal is to create environments where more people can enjoy integrated and seamless journeys. To achieve this, we work with governments and seek to influence policy and strategy on the smart application of intelligent transport systems.

We are heavily involved with the smart mobility system around the world and Lymphate has been appointed to provide research and consultancy services for traffic management technology under national frameworks that promote mobility solutions., our experts apply quantitative and qualitative analysis of potential event impact to develop future-ready strategies for smart mobility challenges, as well as transport, business planning, urban planning and sustainability efforts around the world

Autonomous Driving

Sometimes described as driverless but with many levels of actual automation in practice, automated technologies have been emerging for decades and will increasingly affect all types of light and heavy vehicles.

Connected Vehicle Transport System 

New and existing forms of connectivity offer the potential for far greater use of safety related features, as well as real-time and off-line information which will benefit those using the network and those who are responsible for its operation and maintenance.


Electric Vehicles

Political support for a move away from internal combustion engines and towards electric vehicles and other future forms of propulsion is gaining momentum around the world as the local and wider air quality impacts of petrol and diesel vehicles are better understood.


Mobility & Freight Pricing

The pricing of individual mobility services by private suppliers and the interplay between those and the societal incentives and market regulations will together determine what travel choices will be made by individual consumers and on an aggregated level how efficient the transport system will be. Simultaneously with a need for holistic pricing policies over different modes, it is important to realise that existing policies may not be effective for their intended purpose in the future. Car ownership and fuel taxes, as well as parking charges may lose their effectiveness. New technology has even in mobility pricing a role to play. 

Shared Use

This bundle lies at the heart of place-making change and relates specifically to vehicle ownership models, and to the extent to which we might be prepared to move towards shared mobility and away from private car ownership.


Business Model

This element is critical to cost – both actual and perceived – and the ability to create change that will stand the test of time. It requires imaginative, fast and decisive action.

Simulating passenger flows, testing the impact on urban energy systems and estimating socio-economic impacts of different solutions. Our experience ranges from modeling the impact of urban development on transport usage, and delivering roadmaps for implementing new technologies like autonomous vehicles, to electric buses, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions or action plans for increasing the uptake of cycling and walking.  


  • Autonomous Mobility

  • Feasibility study and strategic consulting

  • Planning studies and environmental assessments

  • Ridership modelling/forecasting

  • Concept engineering and final design

  • BRT station architectural services

  • Traffic engineering and modelling

  • Intelligent transportation systems design

  •  Construction-phase services

  • Safety and security assessments and planning

  • Vehicle and systems procurement and engineering

  • Station-area planning and urban design of streetscapes

  • BRT rolling stock specifications and procurement

  • Active Transportation

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Smart Highway & Road Design

  • Intelligent Transportation System

  • Asset & Data Management System

  • Road Asset Management and network optimization

  • Intersection Design

  • Traffic Engineering and Road Safety

  • Traffic Support

                                    Planning & Design


Roadside Infrastructure

We design and specify the roadside infrastructure that enables connectivity between vehicles.

Telecommunications Expertise

We provide the telecommunications expertise that supports connected and autonomous vehicle applications and services; including EV charging and payment for services. 

Data Management, Warehousing and Integration

We design and operate systems that manage large volumes of data from connected vehicles and translate that data into usable information for transportation management centers and/or agency-specific applications. 

Systems Design & integration

We specify, design and integrate the systems that enable connected, autonomous and electric vehicles and services to function – combined with the systems needed for payments and sharing. 

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