Sustainability at Lymphate is built on the premise that positive economic results are possible when we effectively manage our environmental, social, and governance affairs.We are committed to sustainability leadership in our operations and project work. In our markets, for our clients, and throughout our Company we advance initiatives that support a more sustainable world.


Sustainability is part of Lymphate's business strategy and a prerequisite for Lymphate’s business as a whole. We connect technologies to create sustainable progress for you. Lymphate’s ambition is to safeguard successful, long-term, sustainable development for you and the company itself in balance between social, environmental and financial interests. Lymphate is firmly in the front rank of technical progress. We are proud of our history and what we have achieved and we are confident that we can do more together with our clients all over the world. We are prepared to take on your sustainable challenges.Wherever and whenever Lymphate is involved, we aim to help you to play a part in creating a more sustainable society by finding new solutions to old problems. Our sustainability policies and guidelines support this ambition, ensuring that we work in a fair and transparent way. We practice what we preach.

Every day Lymphate strives to improve your life by developing energy-efficient solutions, investments in infrastructure, assignments within various types of energy, projects for industry and more. We connect cities, countries and cultures with bridges, competence networks and mobile solutions. We generate jobs through technology that make companies grow and prosper.


At Lymphate, our ethical values help us deliver better solutions, projects and customer outcomes. They ensure that we do business with integrity and transparency. Our values are evident in every interaction that we have with our employees, clients, suppliers, stakeholders and members of the public. They are the thread that ties everything we do together.

Our workplace

  • We see it as a responsibility for all employees at Lymphate to create a fair, healthy and safe workplace, where people can develop their professional skills and grow as individuals

  • Our Injury-Free Environment program fosters a culture of care, both at work and at home

  • All employees receive code of conduct training when they join Lymphate, and again every two years, helping them make the right decisions every day

Our marketplace

  • We believe the best business relationships are founded on respect and mutual benefit

  • We champion a diverse supply chain and sustainable procurement policy

  • We pay our supply chain promptly, always meeting our payment terms

  • Our supply chain is bound by the principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct


  • We are an integral part of society, and what we do goes beyond the projects we complete for our clients

  • As the leading green contractor and developer, we are helping to drive the industry towards ever more sustainable solutions

  • We encourage society to be greener through our work with government, industry bodies, customers and suppliers

  • We are a good neighbor and strive to leave a positive legacy in the communities in which we work

Reporting concerns

Each Lymphate business unit has an Ethics Committee that investigates all reports. One way to make reports is through our Code of Conduct Hotline. This is accessible to both employees and outside parties, including clients, suppliers and subcontractors.

Health & Safety

Lymphate’s Care for Life value represents our commitment to working safely at all times, while ensuring minimal impact to our environment.


EHS Policy

Lymphate has established, implemented and maintains a safety, health and environmental management system to protect human health and the environment.


Construction Work Plan

Prior to project mobilization, our crews and subcontractors create a comprehensive Construction Work Plan (CWP).


Next-Generation Hardhats

The hard had is the most visible piece of PPE the construction industry uses and one of the most critical. Yet, it is also one of the least evolved. Lymphate is investigating advancements of head protection for employees working on its projects.


Measuring Safety

We measure the effectiveness of our safety program using leading and lagging indicators.


Injury-Free Environment

Based on our Care for Life value, IFE is the shared corporate and individual belief that safety must never be compromised for cost or schedule.


Lymphate has an anti-corruption and business ethics hotline which employees can use to report anonymously their suspicions of irregular conduct such as breaches of our corporate code of conduct or fraud. The hotline is approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency and as such meets the highest standards of data-protection of employees.

Privacy Policy


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