Understanding traffic and pedestrian movement is key to creating sustainable communities that have been planned, modelled and designed to cope with today’s demands. Lymphate provides an innovative and diverse range of modelling and consulting services alongside wider transport planning consultancy.

Effective planning is essential if we are to meet long term policy and investment decisions for a sustainable future.


Tunnelling plays no less of a role in the essential areas of water supply and sewerage systems, as both the developed and developing worlds strive to improve the quality of their water and the cleanliness of their towns and cities.Lymphate provides expertise in planning, design, assessment and construction supervision of rail, highway, water, power and other tunnels. Our tunnel safety and operation specialists offer additional skills designing and maintaining fully integrated systems to keep tunnel users safe and well-informed at all times.

Transportation Modelling & Forecasting

We use the latest transport modelling software and GIS interfaces to construct comprehensive integrated transportation models at local, regional and national levels, displaying them in a single user-friendly environment. We also have the expertise to carry out individual and area-wide intersection assessments using micro-simulation techniques, and to develop complex network models to support regional clients. We model all modes of transportation – pedestrians, vehicles, transit, freight – in order to optimize operational and design solutions.

Emergency Management

Communities face challenges daily to keep residents safe and secure. To protect the infrastructure that we help plan, design, and construct, Lymphate is on the front lines with our clients, assisting with emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. We partner with communities to perform risk and vulnerability assessments and to provide mitigation plans, response support, and recovery tools to help minimize the impacts of disasters.

We stand ready to support our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our past and current efforts reflect our commitment to building safer communities for tomorrow.

Atkins provides emergency management services in the following areas:

  • Risk analysis and preparedness

  • Emergency response

  • Emergency management planning

  • Post-disaster recovery

  • Technology support


Transport Design

Our design services deliver all aspects of transportation infrastructure and technology, for example we develop solutions for modernising highway networks, planning new roads, providing additional capacity and making the best use of existing infrastructure. Delivering best value, seeking cost effective sustainable solutions and advising clients on the best options for implementation and delivery is what we do best.


Structures related to all modes of transport often require innovative solutions to produce designs which are cost effective and buildable as well as safe and durable. Complex analysis is often required to achieve structural efficiency and there is frequently a need to address aspects of design which are not covered by national codes. We have expertise in designing, checking, assessing and strengthening many types of bridges. We can also perform advanced analytical analysis where necessary to produce the most efficient design or to get the most out of existing structures.


Spatial Analysis

Lymphate  helps clients create accessibility plans tailored to specific areas and to meet particular challenges. Through analysis and consultation, we establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) targets and develop GIS applications to support and monitor progress. Our action plans result in improved designs, accessibility, public transport, and travel information. The need to travel and the cost are both reduced, playing an important role in regeneration schemes.


Traffic engineering

An effective traffic signal control system is an integral part of successful traffic operations and management programs. Today these systems use a wide array of technologies and approaches to keep traffic moving efficiently through our cities, towns, and communities. They rely on sophisticated communications media, protocols, and architectures that demand an unprecedented level of knowledge and understanding from the transportation professional. Effective strategies and timing plans require knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art simulation and optimization models.


  • Bridge Design & Planning

  • Asset Management

  • Bridge Engineering

  • Numerical Analysis & Measuring

  • Building Infrastructure Modelling

  • Geotechnical & Ground Engineering

  • Light Design for Transport Infrastructure

  • Expert services

  • Programme management

  • Design and construct design services

  • Feasibility studies

  • Tunnel engineering and underground space design

  • Tunnel rehabilitation

  • Risk management

  • Construction stage services

  • Tunnel ventilation, fire and life safety

  • Road, water and railway tunnels

  • Accident and safety analysis

  • Design traffic preparation

  • Parking and circulation studies

  • Pedestrian facilities planning & design

  • Signing and signal inventories

  • Traffic operations analysis

  • Traffic signal system feasibility & design

  • Traffic signal timing & design

  • Asset management

  • Commercial vehicle operations

  • Construction traffic control design and inspection

  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)

  • Parking studies and analysis

  • Pedestrian and bicycle trail/path planning and design

  • Safety evaluations and design

  • Incident management plans

  • Pedestrian/bicycle movement

  • Microsimulation modeling

  • Planning and environmental linkage (PEL)

  • Roundabouts

  • Traffic operations analysis

  • Traffic calming

  • Traffic impact studies

  • Traffic signal system analysis and design

  • Signal timing and optimization

  • Traffic control devices

  • Traffic signal warrant prioritization

  • Work zone traffic control

  • Tunnel boring machines

  • Earth pressure balances

  • New Austrian tunneling

  • Cut and cover

  • Microtunneling

  • Immersed tubes

  • Bridge planning

  • Modeling

  • Design & Planning

  • Alternate delivery

  • Erection calculation

  • Construction supervision

  • Bridge inspection, maintenance and management

  • Railroad crossings

  • Road safety audits

  • Safe route to school development

  • School zone safety evaluations and reporting

  • Signing and striping

  • Travel demand forecasting and modeling

  • Traffic engineering studies, analysis, and design

  • Data collection

  • Intersection improvements


  • Business development

  • Market strategies

  • Supplier and customer collaboration

  • Forecasting

  • Sourcing & purchasing

  • Category management

  • S&OP processes

  • e-commerce

  • Packaging development

  • Production planning

  • Production logistics

  • Layout design

  • Assortment management

  • Transport and warehouse logistics

  • Construction logistics

  • City logistics

  • Simulation

  • Return processes

  • Circular economy

  • Performance management

  • Quality

  • Digital solutions

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