Lymphate helps to meet the challenges of increasing regulatory drivers, recycling targets and rising disposal costs through devising more effective and sustainable waste management solutions.We work with our clients to eliminate or reduce waste at source, to increase ability to recover, reuse and recycle waste as well as reduce hazardous content.Our extensive experience of waste policy and regulation enables us to secure the necessary permits and consents for waste recovery or disposal facilities. Our advice and solutions not only help organisations meet domestic and international regulatory requirements but also reduce the business cost of managing and disposing of waste.














Lymphate offers a wide range of resource and waste management services to support our clients’ efforts to achieve regulatory compliance, optimise resource flows, and ensure the safe and smart handling and disposal of wastes. We help our clients save precious resources, reduce waste production and find ways to turn waste into valuable raw materials. Lymphate is serving clients at the forefront of the push toward a circular economy. Our experts combine knowledge of waste management practices in a broad range of economic sectors with expertise in engineering, technology, product stewardship and sustainability. This combination enables us to develop cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions that meet regulatory requirements and support the protection of human health and the environment.


We provide solutions that take advantage of technologies, best practices and expertise drawn from multiple industries.From sustainable waste management planning to landfill closure, remediation and redevelopment, we are always looking to apply innovative technologies and systems to process, recycle, reuse and dispose of waste.






While there is no shortage of waste, we have no shortage of knowledge and innovative solutions for your waste management challenges.Increasingly stringent regulations and public concerns make siting and developing new solid waste management facilities a challenge, and closing an existing facility requires new and elaborate procedures intended to prevent future impacts on the environment.

We advise public bodies on regional waste policies, implement waste minimization programs for large corporations and design waste strategies for new developments and new solid waste facilities. We provide services ranging from technical feasibility studies of new waste technologies and gasification techniques, through to the management and disposal of solid, hazardous and clinical waste.

Lymphate’s experts are familiar with major international and local waste regulations and international best practices, as well as the latest innovations and technologies. Our experts possess the experience and expertise to develop and deliver innovative, environmentally sound and legally compliant solutions to mitigate today’s challenging waste management and regulatory issues.


  • Composting facility design

  • Energy from waste feasibility

  • Environmental permitting

  • Household waste recycling facility design

  • Landfills assessment , restoration and design

  • Landfill closure and aftercare

  • Leachate and gas management

  • Materials recovery facility design

  • Outline business case

  • Procurement

  • Site supervision and project management

  • Technology evaluation

  • Transfer station design


  • Waste minimisation

  • Waste strategy

  • WRATE analysis

  • E-Waster Management

  • Waste Recycling

  • Sustainable Waste Audit

  • Municipal Solid Waste

  • Liquid Waste Management

  • Waste-to-Energy Technology

  • Water Handling Transport

  • Waste Disposal & Collection

  • Refuse Derived Fuel

  • Reducing Plastic Bag use

  • Construction and Demolition Waste

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