Wastewater reaching levels of complexity and regulatory scrutiny warranting specialized oversight, and facility performance measured constantly, it’s important to have the most appropriate, cost-effective solution the first time, every time. We evaluate and optimize by minimizing consumption and discharge, characterizing process streams, addressing hydraulic loading and variability, and troubleshooting process problems while identifying pollution-prevention alternatives and sustainable technologies. We also help you explore and evaluate options to optimize operations for recovering resources from effluent stream.

Lymphate always looking at what’s next in the industry and bring innovative approaches to even the most complex projects. Our designs have satisfied discharge limits that push the boundaries of existing solutions, and our experts continue to conduct research in the application of developing technologies, such as treatment for removal of emerging contaminants. we understand wastewater  is a precious resource and not something we should simply dispose of; and therefore, we take the total water cycle into consideration when engineering solutions and developing cutting-edge technologies to collect, reclaim and reuse wastewater. 

We help our clients to meet the challenges of increasing regulatory drivers, recycling targets and rising disposal costs through devising more effective and sustainable waste management solutions.We work with our clients to eliminate or reduce waste at source, to increase ability to recover, reuse and recycle waste as well as reduce hazardous content.

Our extensive experience of waste policy and regulation enables us to secure the necessary permits and consents for waste recovery or disposal facilities. Our advice and solutions not only help organisations meet domestic and international regulatory requirements but also reduce the business cost of managing and disposing of waste.


Our projects range from waste strategy work to the locating, environmental impact assessment, planning and detailed design of major waste recycling facilities. Our experience encompasses all types of waste, including municipal, commercial, industrial and hazardous.

We serve both private and public sector clients, major waste operators, process companies, government departments, local authorities, financial investors and institutions.

  • Existing model review – identification of data gaps and risk identification

  • Identification/planning of survey requirements (eg manholes, CCTV including sonar surveys to determine sewer silt depth, topographical, flow, impermeable area)

  • Procurement of survey work including specification, on site liaison/management and interpretation of survey data

  • Liaison with landowners, highway authorities and other third parties including securing access permissions

  • Model verification, model improvements and upgrades

  • Identification of catchment needs, pioneering and solution modelling

  • Water quality and river impact modelling



  • Fecal Sludge Management

  • Sewerage Treatment Plant

  • Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Mobile Sewerage Treatment Plant

  • Waste Water Pipeline Inline Video Inspection

  • Storm Water Drainage

  • Sustainable Drainage System

  • Agriculture Drainage System

  • Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Augmentation of Waste Water Scheme

  • Ground & Surface Water Quality

  • Sludge Management

  • Design & Modelling of Waste Waster Scheme

  • Robotic Crawler Inspection

  • Condition Assessment

  • Manhole Inspection

  • GIS mapping

  • Septage Engineering

  • Detail Project Report 

  • Data Analytics

  • Waaste Water IoT Platform

  • Design & Engineering

  • Turnkey Project


  • Advanced Treatment

  • Automation/Information Management

  • Biosolids Management

  • Nutrient Recovery

  • Odor Control

  • Operations and Management Evaluation

  • Process Review and Optimization

  • Reclamation and Reuse

  • Wastewater treatment/reclamation 

  • Residuals resource recovery management

  • Natural treatment systems

  • Wet weather flow treatment

  • Integrated resource recovery 

  • Master and facility planning

  • Pilot testing and scale-up

  • Feasibility studies

  • Conceptual design

  • Detail design

  • Quality assurance and quality control

  • Cost estimating

  • Project management

  • Start-up and commissioning

  • Operations and Management

  • Permitting


  • Water Resource


  • Non Revenue Water

  • Water Treatment


  • Industrial


  • Water Resource Infrastructure

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