Our focus in on providing sustainable solutions for our clients and communities, whether through the construction of new facilities or improving the safety and efficiencies of existing projects. Our sustainable and economic solutions minimize the impact of hydropower and dam facilities on the environment and surrounding communities while providing owners with safe and reliable long-term performance. 


We are committed to innovative and creative solutions in all forms of water power generation. We provide the consultation needed for clients to make the right, informed, long-term choices. 

River Engineering

Environmental issues are always given due consideration during the design process and steps are taken to reduce any undesirable impact a scheme may have. Our team of in-house experts in hydrology, hydraulic modelling, environmental impact assessment, and landscape design work closely with our hydraulic engineers in developing river engineering works.We have a deep understanding of rivers from rehabilitation and design of waterway structures to navigation, hydropower development, water supply and recreational purposes.


Our river engineering experience has been in relation to the study, design and implementation of flood alleviation schemes in fluvial and tidal environments. Our river engineers have worked on diversions, river training works, scour protection at bridges, river amenity improvements, river flow gauging stations and flow control structures.

Dams & Reservoirs
Lymphate offers creative solutions to intricate dam safety issues ranging from complex seepage, stability, and risk concerns at specific project sites to supporting the policy guidelines and technical instructions for the national dam safety program. We have extensive experience with all types of flood control, water supply, recreational, mine spoil, and power by-product storage impoundments. Lymphate has been involved in the design and construction of many concrete dams throughout the world including conventional mass gravity structures and arch dam.


Groundwater & Wellfields

Lymphate is at the forefront of responsible use and management of these valuable resources in a sustainable manner. Groundwater is the primary or, in many cases, the sole water source available to communities across globe, yet continued human activity over the years has strained the quality and quantity of our natural water resources. Our full range of in-house disciplines, including hydrogeologists, hydrologists, biologists, geomorphologists, and engineers, allows us to provide quality services relating to groundwater assessment; well development; aquifer pump testing; permitting; capture zone delineation; and well head protection. 

Weirs and barrages

We undertake all aspects of barrage engineering including planning, site investigations, model and sedimentation studies, economic appraisal and outline design through to detailed design and implementation



The rehabilitation of existing dams has become increasingly important and Lymphate offers a comprehensive service to cover all aspects of this work.

Coal Combustion Residuals
Managing coal combustion residuals is a complicated responsibility. Facility owners need to strike a balance between economics and ecology to find the right disposal site. And when it comes to closure, efficient, compliant closure plans, with no loose ends, are the key to project success


Coastal Protection & Restoration
An estimated 40 percent of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of the coast. But only an estimated 20 percent of cities have developed some type of climate change/sea level rise adaptation plan. Most of these are overarching, big picture documents, and much more work and detail is needed. We are experienced in all aspects of protection and restoration of coastal habitats – from planning to implementation. We bring exceptional expertise - covering every facet of the water cycle and all forms of water use – to our coastal restoration and resilience services. 


Levees & Embankments
We understand that in a levee system, all components – levee and floodwall sections, closure structures, pumping stations, culverts, and interior drainage works – are interconnected and necessary to protect the floodplain.

Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing

Our geotechnical engineers and material specialists are focused on solving complex design, construction, and rehabilitation issues impacting the communities where we live and work


Our expertise in trenchless technologies lets you build, maintain, or replace pipes while minimizing surface disruption.


With a promise to design with community in mind, we focus on risk avoidance and mitigation with robust management programs that maximize constructability to deliver solutions that provide the best value.

Water Utility Infrastructure 

We provide advice and deliver engineering solutions from planning, feasibility, design, procurement to construction supervision to optimise water and wastewater networks.

​Flood Management

We reduce the impact of flooding whether from rivers, the sea, urban drainage, flood defence failure or groundwater; we design and implement flood alleviation schemes and develop strategies to guide sustainable management of flood risk in catchments and urban areas.


  • Water resources planning and hydrological analysis

  • Hydraulic engineering and modelling

  • Dam breach analysis

  • Flood inundation modelling and risk assessments

  • GIS mapping and digital terrain modelling

  • Analysis of remote sensing data, including LiDAR surveys

  • Geotechnical engineering including materials and site investigations

  • Hydropower design and optimisation

  • Slope stability and seepage analysis

  • Environmental impact scoping and detailed studies

  • Feasibility studies, value engineering, detailed design and construction supervision

  • Statutory inspections and certification of safety works

  • Regulatory expertise

  • Front-end strategic planning

  • Strategic liability management 

  • Physical, chemical and biological characterization 

  • Sediment quality and transport analysis 

  • Bioassay, bioavailability and bioaccumulation studies

  • Human and ecological risk assessments

  • Conceptual site model development and illustration

  • Feasibility studies and analysis

  • Remedial design

  • Value engineering

  • Design-build services

  • Construction management

  • Habitat restoration, monitoring and operations

  • Community and stakeholder involvement 

  • Ground Water Audit

  • Ground Water Monitoring


  • Water Resource


  • Non Revenue Water

  • Water Treatment


  • Waste Water Management

  • Industrial


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