Lymphate renders widespread engineering services to public and private clients facing the challenges of new and aging infrastructure, sustainability and smart growth, program funding, and limited staff resources. Our integrated approach to development of project solutions builds value for clients and helps advance the best practices of the industries we serve.

Those responsible for a public water supply system need to work continuously on long-term planning of operations so that it is adapted to current requirements, social development, effectiveness and security of delivery. The starting point is that water and waste water supplies in a municipality are based on a water infrastructure that is very much a long-term system worthy of protection that has to be managed and improved.

Integrated Water Management

The key challenges of contemporary water management can only be understood within the very broad context of the world’s socio economic systems. It is widely accepted that sustainable and equitable water management only can be achieved using an integrated approach. Assessment of the resource is the basis for rational decision-making, and authorities that use such assessments must be further supported and expanded from local to international levels.

Adequate amount of Drinking Water & Water Quality

Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right and a key component of an efficient policy for health protection. Managing water resources to ensure satisfying drinking water quality is a global concern and a priority for sustainable development - the supply of drinking water of good quality is the basis for the proper functioning society.Surface water is used as the primary drinking water resource in most countries. Around the world, Lymphate has supported many utilities and authorities manage surface water and river catchment areas to ensure a sustainable future drinking water resource and provided the overview of the available resource

Water Supply Planning

Everywhere, there is an increased demand to water utilities, not least as a consequence of strengthening the drinking water. Our long and broad experience in supporting water utilities and developing water supply plans helps us transform these increased requirements into practical solutions. We apply the most recent Geographic Information System (GIS) tools in our work and supply our customers with customised digital water plans.Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience when we assist them in the creation of water and action plans. 

Network Modelling

Network modelling can be used at all stages of the asset cycle as it offers water utility companies with key information to make key business decisions. As a planning tool, it is used at different levels of detail as the basis for master plans and strategic studies for feasibility studies and for local extension or reinforcement of a distribution system. As a design tool, it is used for the sizing of mains and the location of reservoirs and pumping stations. As an operational tool, it can be used to identify constraints in the system and poor operational practices - in real time, to monitor and control system operations.



  • Smart Water Management

  • SaaS based IoT Platform

  • Realtime Monitoring & Analytics

  • Smart Distribution System

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

  • Meter Management

  • Pipeline Management

  • Dark Spot Analysis

  • Equitable Distribution

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure

  • Advanced Metered Reading and Smart Metering

  • Project Management

  • Design & Engineering

  • Layout Design

  • Detail Project Report (DPR)

  • Turnkey Project

  • Developing secure and reliable water supplies

  • Sustainable surface water, groundwater, and stormwater management plans

  • Water intake operations and protection programs

  • Water risk mapping, water auditing and water efficiency programs

  • Physical, chemical, and biological assessments of water bodies

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic and water quality modeling

  • Ecotoxicity testing (water and sediments and products)

  • Strategic planning for new facility siting or facility modifications

  • Permitting or consents to authorize discharges to water bodies or municipalities

Smart Water Management

Smart Water Management understands that well designed and preserved environments bring people together.Communities and businesses know when a landscape is designed and preserved well. They know if someone cares about it or not. 

We have a technology-driven smart water management concept to help keep your existing and new landscaping as beautiful and sustainable as possible.


  • Non Revenue Water

  • Water Treatment


  • Waste Water Management

  • Industrial


  • Water Resource Infrastructure

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